Monday, April 20, 2009

Tacos for the PD Canines

I just got back from Monday Night Tacos at the Eagles', 954 W. Mission Blvd. Every Monday the Eagles hold the dinner to raise funds for the Pomona Police Department's Canine unit. As described in the Daily Bulletin linked article, the Canine unit in particular need right now, one of two dogs died unexpectedly. Unexpectedly means there was no budget plan for a replacement, but the timing is particularly bad because the second dog is due to retire in 3 months as well. You can read the article for full details on the predicament.

But what the article doesn't go into is more details on the taco night. The Eagle's are a fraternal organization akin to Elk's or Kiwanis, etc. At the Aerie (misidentified as a lodge in the article) my wife and I filled up on $7.00 combined! I recommend getting the tacos and forgoing the taco salad or "fancier" items. The fresh fried taco shells are the highlight of the meal. The home made salsa's and guacamole where also plentiful and tasty. A nice cheap, quality dinner for a good cause held every Monday night.

The Eagles do many charity events and dinners. You can check the Eagles' website for more events.

Under events, I recomend looking up their Friday night $10 steak dinners, which were raved about over tacos tonight. Not on their website's calendar but prominently advertised at the aerie is a May 2 dinner and comdey show with procieds going to City of Hope. You cna call the number at the website for more info on any of the above.



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