Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hooligan sorts

This afternoon I found myself behind a cop car hurrying off to somewhere. Come to find out, the cruiser's destination was Garfield Park.

As I pulled into the neighborhood, I saw the officer approaching a young lad who still held in his hand a can of white spray paint. It seems a neighbor called dispatch (woot!) while the youth took his sweet time to tag the storage building in the park. One neighbor tells me it took the kiddo a good 20 minutes to do his handy work.

Two tid bits about this incident strike me as particularly fascinating:

1. The tagging took place at 4:00 this afternoon. Broad day light. The park was hopping with activity. How very brazen.

2. The tagger used white spray paint on a beige building. I don't claim any expertise in the tagging business, but wouldn't one shoot for perhaps a bit more contrast?

A bit later, probably around 6:00, there was another incident in the park to which three or four squad cars responded. I'm not sure what that one was all about.

Rumor has it the cops arrested a couple in Lincoln Park the other day for having sex in broad daylight -- well, there was a little blanky involved. Good lord.

Let's keep calling dispatch.

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  1. We were wondering about the Lincoln Park incident. Not exactly the scenery one hopes to see at the park.