Tuesday, April 14, 2009

911 wireless in Pomona

I earlier posted about the 911 wireless capability being rolled out in Claremont, and Pride asked me to check on Pomona. So being lazy, I sent an email to the police department, and they were nice enough to call me yesterday. Yes, Pomona is compliant with the 911 wireless system. I guess we beat Claremont (toss in the image of me jumping up and down).

There is one glitch in the system, in that according to the Goddess of Pomona, those areas adjacent to the freeway may still find that their wireless calls were routed to the CHP rather than the Pomona PD. Hey, it's not a perfect world, but at least we keep moving forward..........most of the time.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks, Ed, for getting the 411 on 911.

    Just as an idea for individuals who live near the freeway: program speed-dial-9 as Pomona dispatch. Although the call won't go into dispatch as a 911, I'm guessing dispatch would be able to get the word out faster than if the 911 call had to be relayed to the right jurisdiction.