Friday, April 17, 2009

Calendar of (some) events

I googled "Pomona calendar of events" and came upon this link:

Alas, the calendar suggests our fair city has little to offer. No Art Walks. No kickin' Fairplex events. No community forums. This calendar is downright sparse. I'm guessing the events listed on the calendar are City of Pomona events and thus don't include all the fun-time offerings.

Three questions:

1. Does anyone know where to find a truly inclusive community calendar of events for Pomona? Where do I go if I want to know about events downtown + Fairplex + Cal Poly + Pomona Valley + Library + Historical Society etc.?

2. Does anyone know who to contact to get a listing on the City of Pomona Calendar? What are the requirements? That information isn't obviously available on the calendar page.

3. If we can't find a pre-existing truly inclusive community calendar of events, what would it take to get one started? Ideally, event organizers could self-post their events and event seekers could browse by event type and date. On a related note, do we have a Visitor's Bureau?

Imagine the glories of one-stop-calendar-shopping! (Not that I don't love frequent stops by all the area blogs!)

Let's figure out a way to get on the same page.

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  1. I just saw this after doing most of P-town events on My Pomona.

    You ask a very good question. I started doing it on Meg's blog about a year ago for the simple reason that I had no idea what was happening in the city. It takes a certain amount of time and energy and therefore, I don't always post, nor do I include everything (not intentionally, just don't know or remember).

    MetroPomona covers their events and although I could see value for them doing a more citywide calendar, I'm not going to be critical because they don't reach beyond their direct sphere of influence. I don't even think the city government should be doing it, since their focus should be in a slightly different direction. IMHO the Chamber is the logical choice to put together a website (portal to the city) and include a calendar of events. When the city rolled out its map of businesses, I suggested the Chamber should grab that idea and run with it. In their defense, they may tell me that I'm more than welcome to join the Chamber and take on that responsibility. :-)

    In the end, you've asked a very good question.