Sunday, April 19, 2009

Parking hoopla?

This morning I treated myself to pancakes and the Sunday paper at Casa Jimenez. As I checked out, I noticed a flier by the cash register. The flier said:


1. Do you feel you are being targeted and or harassed by the downtown Parking Enforcement Agency?

2. Are you a victimof excessive ticketing and/or towing causing personal financial hardship?

If so please contact (909) 469-5141 or Email:

This flyer is being circulated in the interest of the downtown business residents and other local residents in the downtown business community.


What's the back story here? Who is the Parking Enforcement Agency? What wrongs have been committed (other than presumably illegal parking)? I'm curious if others have similar concerns. I, for one, haven't had any concerns about parking downtown. What am I missing?

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