Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Click-it or Ticket

"During the months of April and May Pomona police will actively enforce the seat belt laws."

Can someone please interpret this sentence for me? I'm not opposed to public safety campaigns, but could we use different language when we're describing it. If we are going to set aside two months for a seat belt enforcement season, when is the red light violator season or the speeding down Towne season? I'll settle for the speeding in a school zone season.

Sorry, I have a few festering issues, and this DB mini-column sent me over the edge. Hmmm, if not 'actively', how do you 'passively' enforce the seat belt laws? ....not enforcing them, perhaps.


  1. Keeping track of poor syntax in the Daily Bulletin is a recipe for aggravation and mild depression. Even more precarious, however, is considering the possibility that PPD chooses to selectively enforce various traffic laws. Everything’s a trade-off. I guess.

    P.S. Hi, Ed! It was nice to meet you.

  2. Irene, right back at you! And let me know if you have a particular post topic I can do.