Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Peddling Wares in Parking Lots

Is it just me, or is business hopping in the parking lot of the "99 cent only store" on Holt and Paloma? I was in the parking lot twice this past week. Both times young men were approaching people getting into and out of cars, attempting to sell bootlegged DVDs and CDs.

Sure, I'm guessing the guy who camps out in front of Cardenas selling the little stuffed toys probably doesn't hold a city permit to sell or anything like that, but at least he is pretty up front about what he is doing and he isn't approaching vehicles. Moreover, there's at least a chance he's selling legally obtained wares.

The DVD and CD guys are definitely not selling legally obtained materials. Yesterday, the kid (maybe age 14 or 15) dropped his big black duffel bag in front of my car and then walked across the parking lot. He returned about a minute later. I casually asked what he had in the bag; he said DVDs. Ever concerned about his best interests (ha ha), I let him know the cops were in the lot a couple days ago busting people. This may or may not be true; I know I called dispatch to report the shady dealings a couple days ago, but I didn't stick around to see if the cops were able to stop by.


  1. Good job... this is a common scene in many areas of Los Angeles. They are pirated DVDs, and sometimes bootlegs of what's currently in theaters. If we turn the other way and do nothing, it will get worse. While they probably mean no harm, someone coming up to you with a bag isn't something you want regardless. Kinda scary actually.

  2. good lord you guys are ridiculous. Why do you even live in pomona - isn't there room in Claremont/La Verne?