Monday, March 2, 2009

Last call

Last call! If there are specific issues -- however narrow or broad -- you would like to see addressed at the March 10 community-wide Neighborhood Watch meeting, post them here by day's end March 3. We'll send the issues to the Crime Prevention Office. Officers will investigate the issues and report out to the community during the March 10 meeting. In turn, I will post my oh-so-sassy minutes on this oh-so-nifty page.


  1. Ok, no eye-rolling, but would you mind asking what the average number of red light violations the Pomona PD writes each month. Let's say for the last 12 months.

    I'm getting on one of my bike/pedestrian kicks.

  2. Gee, and perhaps also tickets for running stop signs. It seems that I can't drive through the neighborhood without someone dashing across in front of me on our 2-way stops.

  3. Our stop signs seem to be invisible too :( The other day a person raced through the sign on Pasedena and Mountain View and then raced through the sign on Mountain View and Reeves. S/he was going so fast I couldn't catch any of the license plate. The tinted windows made it impossible to see the driver (and since I suck at identifying makes and models, I was totally unable to provide any info and thus didn't call dispatch).

  4. Actually, most of the time the problem here is that people stop at the 2-way, but then proceed without waiting for the cross traffic to clear (do they think these are 4-way stops?). I find that I have to slow down at every intersection because you never know what's going to cross your path.