Monday, March 16, 2009

Garfield Park bathroom: Three arrests

Those of us who live near Garfield Park may have noticed the three police cruisers in (that's right: in) the park around 12:30 today. I called the Watch Commander to see if he could share any information. Come to find out, officers had been in the park looking for someone wanted on a charge unrelated to the park when they happened upon people doing drugs in the bathrooms. Officers made three arrests. Thank you to the PD for keeping our parks safe!


  1. That's great! Another plus for our Police!

  2. So if the bathrooms had been closed, would they have made the arrests?

  3. Pride in Garfield ParkMarch 17, 2009 at 10:59 AM

    I'm guessing if the bathrooms had been closed (to both drug users and kids playing in the park) they would not have made the arrests. But, I think it is important that parks offer amenities like restrooms; the fact we can do that and shoo out the drug users is a good sign. That said, I know the problem is much broader than these three individuals who happened to be in the restrooms during the sweep of the park.

    I really wish patrols could regularly pop into the restrooms just to see what's going on. A few months ago the kids who attended our watch meeting said they see people doing "weird things" in the bathrooms all the time :(

    I have to believe there's a way we can keep the bathrooms open and keep them safe and crime-free.

  4. :-) Thanks. And I agree that I'd like patrols to pop into restrooms (gender appropriate), can I count that as one of my suggested questions for the next SARA meeting?! And if you already know the answer, I still want credit for asking. ;-)