Saturday, March 7, 2009

And the winner is...

Last week I posted a single-item poll asking, "How frequently does your Neighborhood Watch group meet?" Response options ranged from "once per month" to "What NW group?" The people of pomonawatch have spoken. Well, that's not entirely true -- just seven of us have spoken; and I may have inadvertently voted twice -- so maybe just six of us have spoken.

Four out of the seven respondents selected the "What NW group?" response option. I feel a little tear welling. Fear not. Those of you without a NW group have us, your e-neighbors who can send e-bread and e-milk through your DSL. In case you're game for a little live-action community building, there's always the monthly community-wide NW meetings (second Tuesday of the month at 7PM in Council Chambers -- these are the SARA meetings). And, if you're feeling up to it, consider starting your own NW group. Blog posts labeled "NW Tool Kit" provide some ideas for getting started.

My big goal for next time: a bigger sample size.

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