Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WTF? (It's not what you think.)

On June 30th the post office was slated to send out over 5,100 copies of a glossy flier containing tidbits of Neighborhood Watch success stories. The flier was to be distributed to all residential addresses north of 1st Street and east of San Antonio. A lovely business card size magnet printed with important phone numbers was adhered to each flier.

Alas, I haven't received a flier. None of my neighbors have received a flier either. WTF? Where's The Flier? Have you seen it? I'm curious to know if ANYONE has received this flier. Please post a quick comment if you received the flier. It should have arrived in mailboxes around July 5th or 6th.


  1. Well, I received something a while back, probably 2 months I would say, and it was a fridge magnet and some pamphlets with some story quotes. I am also north of 1st and east of san antonio. If there was something recent I haven't received it either.

  2. Same here am over by the 71 and 2nd. St. nothing here so far.

  3. I honestly think that city of pomona is more talk than getting the work done! It's sad really. I love pomona,and the people of pomona. Nothing here either. I have a question, is there a number I can call about prostitution? It really is getting out of control!
    Ms Lopez

  4. Dang! I didn't see Ms. Lopez's post until just now. My apologies for the slow delay. I agree that prostitution is very active right now. Ugh. Yes, there is a number you can call. To report prostitution, please call the non-emergency dispatch number: 909-622-1241. The dispatcher will probably ask you to describe the prostitute (for example, race, type of clothing) and her location and direction (for example, walking East on Holt between Towne and Garey).

    Thank you to everyone for letting me know about the absence of the fliers. The search continues!