Saturday, July 2, 2011

Library's wish list on Amazon

I just saw this little notice on the last page of the "summer fun" catalog, which is posted on the Parks & Rec webpage. I thought, "What a cool idea -- a simple and direct way to support our library!" BUT, near as I can tell, only two of the books that remain on the wish list are actually for sale. Bummer. Perhaps the library peeps can let us know when the wishlist is updated with more books so we can make a contribution.

Support the Pomona Public Library through purchases. The library has created wish lists for children's, teen and adult books. Amazon donations are sent directly to the library, with each book receiving a bookplate in recognition of the donor. Current wish lists can be found by typing in "Pomona Public Library" in the wish list field of For information on the Amazon wish list and library book adoption programs, call (909) 620-2043 x2706.

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  1. Pride, thanks for this post. I'll inform them it needs to be updated. We just had Greg's farewell party at Cal Poly West last Thursday evening so now we can get back to busness as usual. We sure will miss Greg!