Thursday, July 28, 2011

Be on the Look Out

We received the following information at a recent Neighborhood Watch meeting:

On 6/26/11 at approximately 8:38 PM, an unidentified male grabbed a female victim by the arm and pulled her into the laundry room located on the south side of the apartment complex at 850 E. Kingsley Avenue. The perpetrator began to kiss and fondle the victim against her will. The suspect is described as follows:

- Male
- Hispanic
- Approximately 5'6" tall, 130 pounds
- Short black hair
- Brown eyes
- Red bumps/acne scars on face
- Approximately 18 years of age
- Known as "Andy;" also known as "West"
- Known to sell H&S in the apartments within the area [Note from Pride: I don't know what H&S means -- do you?]
- May reside off of Madeleine or Alvarado
- 5 - 6 inch scar on right forearm

Please contact Detective Roger Iwig with any information. His contact information is as follows:

Desk: 909-802-7429
Cell: 909-841-9321

Refer to case number 11-070203


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