Monday, May 24, 2010

Police Station at the Food 4 Less?

I stopped by the Food4Less near the Garey/Philadelphia intersection this evening. I hadn't noticed previously the lettering to the left of the Food4Less sign that says "Pomona Police" (or maybe it says "Police Department" -- I don't recall exactly). The store front below the sign was totally blacked out.

Does anyone know what this location is (or use to be)? It sure looks defunct, which makes me wonder why the sign still remains?


  1. What I took it as was a sub station for the police I seen it there a few months back.

  2. Makes sense, Ren. Do you know if the substation is active? The "store front" looks amazingly unwelcoming. Maybe the PD just rents out the space but doesn't want anyone actually approaching the space for assistance (that is, maybe it is just a place from which to field calls).