Thursday, May 20, 2010

Crime Prevention Unit on the Chopping Block

Here's an excerpt from the 2010-2011 Proposed Budget Review - Study Session, dated May 19. Sadly, the Crime Prevention Unit is on the chopping block -- big time. Just look at the list of programs coordinated by the CPU. My heart feels heavy.

POLICE -Crime Prevention Program (2015)

Overview -Eliminate four non-sworn positions and one part-time hourly position saving
284 800.

Impact on Program Activity & Objectives

This reduction will require the remaining staff to divide the City into two areas, leaving one
staff person to handle all requests for assistance in each area. Additionally, the ability for the Department to handle the below listed programs will be severely reduced.

• National Night Out
• Red Ribbon Week
• Citizen's Academy
• Business Academy
• Neighborhood Watch
• Business Watch
• Santa Cop
• Every 15 Minutes
• Read Across America
• Open House
• Annual Pancake Breakfast
• Sober Graduation
• Volunteer Recognition Luncheon
• Kids Safety Fair
• Domestic Violence Vigil

Also, the following impacts will be realized:

• Increased council complaints from dissatisfied community members.
• There will be increased number of phone calls to other areas of the Department (Desk,
Dispatch, Watch Commander, Chiefs Office) and City Hall.
• Shifting of personnel due to seniority will result in placing individuals in jobs the may
not be familiar with which will cause a reduction in service while proper training is

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