Friday, May 7, 2010

Google Calendar for Pomona Events!

A couple weeks ago I pitched the idea of using Google Calendars to create a one-stop-shop for events in our city. The idea met with some enthusiasm. Thank you to Ed for helping me figure out how to create and share these calendars!

Question #1: I've embedded two possible calendar formats in the blog. Option 1 appears in the right column. This "agenda view" is skinny and easy to position in a highly visible place. That said, it isn't particularly readable. At the bottom of the blog you will find Option 2: the "month view." It is large, a bit easier on the eyes (I think), but buried at the bottom of the page. Which format do you prefer? Other formatting options exist -- what would you ideally like to see?

Question #2: The calendars need content. Can you help out? Let's take a stone-soup approach to pulling together all the events and activities Pomona has to offer. If you are able to contribute to the calendar, please shoot an e-mail to . I will then send you instructions for posting events. (If I have your e-mail address, those of you who have already offered to post content to the calendar should have already received an invitation from the pomonaevents gmail address.)

And, if those of you who already use Google Calendars would like to subscribe to the calendar, search for "".

Fellow bloggers: Care to post a calendar on your site? Drop me a line and I'll send you the code and instructions.


  1. I tried subscribing to the pomonaevents calendar through my personal Google Calendar. The events, which are housed as secondary calendars within pomonaevents, aren't showing up. Does anyone know how subscribe to secondary calendars?

  2. we like the first option.

  3. Thanks, PiGP and Ed! This is a great addition to Our Fair City.

    For good measure, I added the community meeting on May 18 to discuss the building of a new fire station.

    PiGP, I'm having the same problem you are...

  4. I think you have a couple of options.
    First, you could click on any event and add the individual event to your calendar. A useful choice if you don't want to have all the events.
    Second, you can click the + Google Calendar button on the bottom of the calendar and "add all" or just some of the calendars.
    Third, if you take the second option, you can merge any of the calendars into your personal calendar, by clicking the "calendar settings" in the drop down menu of the Other calendars and right clicking the ical button. Save the link and then return to your personal calendar. Click "settings" on your personal calendar and browse to the saved link in the "import calendar" window. You'll end up with a merged calendar.

    I prefer option one or two.

    For some reason, all the calendars showed up in my palm pre without doing anything. The sync feature for mobile devices may automate option 2.

    Hope that helps. Btw, PiGP gets all the credit.............and I'm partial to the agenda view on the right.

  5. Option 2 for pulling the calendars into my personal calendar worked like a charm. Thanks, Ed.

  6. I sure am having fun adding events! I may be addicted! ;)