Monday, April 26, 2010

Get your drink on at Walgreens?

The Walgreen's on Holt & Towne Ave has applied for an ABC license. Really? We need another(!) place to buy alcohol along Holt?

If you would like the city to limit the proliferation of ABC outlets, please try to attend Wednesday's Planning Commission meeting. 7PM in Council Chambers. (As a reminder, the Garfield Neighborhood Center is also on this meeting's agenda.)


  1. Is it possible that people buying liquor at Walgreens is preferable than people buying it at a liquor store?

  2. Good point, Pomona Joe. I, for one, am pretty sketched out by the Pomona Wine Cellar, which is directly across the street from the Walgreens. In fact, I've never stepped foot inside the PWC (nor have my feet braved Willy's Lounge or the 7-11 at San Antonio).

    I do frequent the Walgreens; maybe people would be more willing to spend their get-slushed-fund along Holt if Walgreens had a license.

    I don't object to Walgreens, per se, having an ABC license. I object to the sheer number of alcohol vendors (and drug vendors and sex vendors) along Holt. That highly-visible and (unfortunately) well-known corridor through our city is a real dump. I wish we could spruce it up. And, on that note, I do appreciate the presence of legitimate and welcoming businesses like Walgreens along that stretch.

  3. By the way, this agenda item got postponed until the next planning commission meeting.