Monday, April 5, 2010

Agenda Item #13 Postponed

Intent on supporting our police and fire departments, we headed downtown this evening to attend the City Council meeting. The turn out was very impressive. Every seat in the hall filled. The foyer bursting with people watching the proceedings on a TV. Lots of people on the stairs. Others milling about on the cement in front of the building.

Shortly after the open portion of the meeting began, the Council opted to "continue" (read: postpone) discussion of Agenda Item #13, which concerned the possible outsourcing of policing and fire fighting.

As people poured out of the hall, I listened in on reactions. Sentiments seemed split. Some thought the postponement was a good thing, feeling it signaled the Council's desire to do more thinking about the issue before proceeding.

Others thought the postponement signaled a desire to chink the armor of support. These individuals thought the Council postponed in hopes fewer people would show up for the April 19th discussion.

Given residents didn't have a chance to share their views on this issue at this evening's meeting, feel free to sound off here. I know at least some members of the Council read this and other Pomona blogs. So, here's a chance to let 'em know what you think.


  1. I think the idea is absolutely ridiculous. We have come so far in building community relationships with the Pomona Police Department and I find it hard to believe that there are residents out there that would support this concept. Council members please listen to the people you represent. This just can't be what is best for our community.

  2. The next meeting will be april 19th. I hope everyone will show up again to support the police department.

  3. I just moved to Pomona and already kinda unsure about it. If the police presence gets reduced, it's sure to be less safe.
    Not happy.

  4. The good news is we shall spread the word and bring out more people to support our PD! I just found out this morning myself and was at the meeting tonight.

  5. I've arranged my schedule, and I will be there with screed in hand.

  6. This City Council and City Manager needs to stop their insane retoric with regards to "outsourcing" our P.D. We the people do NOT want the Sheriffs. Period. Maybe if the Council Members and City Manager and City Attorney and Fireman, all take a REDUCTION in "THEIR" pay, as the P.D. has, perhaps we can get even more creative with regards to the "many" money pots Pomona has, and stop the insanity. I wncourage ALL concerned cotizens to attend the April 19th meeting and "speak out".