Friday, January 30, 2009

PART IV: NW Group Not the Only Option

A while back (I guess it could not have been that long ago since this blog is barely two weeks old), reader Anduhrew posted a comment inquiring about the effort involved in creating and sustaining NW groups. His post prompted a four-part reflection on the issue. Today's post, which is the fourth in the series, sits a bit askew from the others in that it contemplates non-NW options for achieving one goal of the NW program: community building.

Sure, Neighborhood Watch groups can be effective mechanisms for biting crime and building community. But, plenty of other strategies exist for achieving these ends. For example, check out How to Build Community . Notice how small many of these things really are; small, but significant.

If you can't join forces with an existing NW group (see Part I), don't have the energy to start a new group (see Part II), or worry about the time involved in sustaining a watch group (see Part III), you can still create -- and benefit from -- community connectedness.

What ideas do you have for building community? Post your ideas. Try out the ideas posted by others. Share your reflections.

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  1. FOOD!

    Think of how many great conversations happen around food? Think how central it is to most holidays? It is also a great recruitment tool. When our Neighborhood Wathc meetings happen at our local park's BBQ station we get the best attendance.