Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gang Prevention Unit Wants Your 411

Garfield Park witnessed an impressive turnout at its monthly Neighborhood Watch meeting. We engaged in lots of useful information sharing about topics ranging from suspicious activity, home foreclosures, and shady ice cream trucks peddling wares at 10 AM on school days.

Of import to the broader community, the Gang Prevention Unit reminds us to call their hotline with any and all information about gang related activity. Provide as much information as you can; to the extent you are able, give information about who, what, when, and where. The hotline numbers are 909-802-7477 and 909-620-2148.

Of course, use 911 for emergency calls, and call dispatch if you'd like an officer to respond to a non-emergency: 909-622-1241.


  1. I'm just wondering, Are people in north and central pomona extending some help out to south pomona? I know south pomona needs tons of help. I'd like to start a neighborhood watch on my block, but being a self sufficient student takes too much time.

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  3. Excellent question, Anduhrew. You've inspired a 4-part series on the topic. Today's post is Part 1. There are definitely ways of doing NW on a time budget. I've stumbled on a few tricks; I'm hoping others will share their ideas.