Monday, January 26, 2009

Ice Cream Trucks

I would like to talk about something that came up in the last watch meeting: Ice Cream Trucks.

I always enjoyed that an ice cream truck came by almost every day of the year, and sometimes three a day. I always thought the sound of an ice cream truck on Christmas Day was just a reminder I lived in sunny California. But then a neighbor brought up a good point, what are the ice cream trucks doing circling at 10:00 AM on school days? Who is their customer then? My neighbor said she sees adult men go up at these odd hours as customers. Are these trucks drug fronts or serve some other shady purpose?

I'd like to put a question and a request out there. The question- Am I just naive and these trucks have been underneath my street smarts radar all this time? The request- If you do see a suspicious mid-day sale at a ice cream truck, please report it. These trucks are all over Pomona all the time. If they really are infra-structure for crime, I'd love to shut them down.

Thanks for the read,



  1. Imagining the call to dispatch:

    "There's a suspicious ice cream truck in the neighborhood. It is heading northbound on Mountain View at 5 MPH, blasting Turkey in the Straw. Identifying marks? Faded out ice cream stickers."

    The whole 10 AM on a school is totally shady.

  2. I'm having a problem with them driving around 9:00-9:40 pm weekdays and weekends I was told to call the non emergency number (909) 622-1240 Pomona police department. I was told the business hours are between 7:00 am to 8:00 pm . I have been calling but it hasn't helped at all. I think I'm going to call the company and start recording them passing by.