Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The other Pomona: Worth the trek south?

Pedro Salinasa, a writer for Pomona College's paper, The Student Life, recently visited and reviewed our downtown. He asks whether students should bother trekking south to visit the City of Pomona. Read his answer here.

I think it would be nifty if we hosted a college night downtown some Second Saturday. Dinner discounts with a current student ID? A special exhibit featuring work of college student artists? Invited performances by college student bands and dancers out on the plaza? No cover charge at The Brick?

I would have loved a haunt like downtown Pomona during my college years!


  1. We've talked about this about 2 years ago. We were even discussing having some kind of shuttle back and forth to campus, with certain times scheduled for weekends.

    I think it'd be great (even greater if it had started 2 years ago).

    We also have to deal with certain powers who fear the downtown for political reasons and want it to fail, or at least stay 'down' in downtown.

    And we have another element who wants this to become the newest coolest spot to be! It already is for those of us that know.

    I couldn't see this article btw. It was a page with many articles. Of course, I'm kinda in a hurry so maybe I didn't see it?

  2. oops, I thought you meant Cal Poly Pomona.