Monday, April 25, 2011

Do the hustle!

We were over in the park this afternoon enjoying a frozen treat and conversation with other families when two young people -- maybe 19 or 20 (one male, one female)-- approached us and asked, "Sir, do you know if they make million dollar bills?"

Reply: "No, they definitely do not make million dollar bills."

"Well, we have one and need change for it."

"Then you should go to a bank."

"Yeah, but they claim there's no such thing as a million dollar bill."

"And you don't believe them?"

"Well this has been in our family a long time. A guy gave it to my uncle when he did some work for him. This was a long time ago when they made million dollar bills."

"Then go to the Antique Row and ask a currency vendor to change your bill."

"I think we'll go ask the ice cream guy."

They ask the ice cream guy. They ask another parent, who convinced the hustlers to show him their bill -- a really crappy photo copy. He then chased them and their shopping cart filled with personal belongings out of the park.

Big time bizzaro. Lamest hustle ever.

(And, no, I didn't call PD because I didn't have my dang cell phone with me.)

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