Monday, July 27, 2009

Walking Dogs Off-Leash

Thank you to Lt. Rilloraza, the Northest Area Commander, for sending the following update regarding a concern filed by a neighbor of Garfield Park:

"From June to now, we had 9 CFS regarding a subject walking his dog off-leash and in Garfield Park in the evening hours (between 2100 and 2300). This subject apparently would then yell to his dogs to try to get them to come to him which caused residents to get upset in the late hour. Officers responded to all calls for service but were unable to locate the subject with the dogs. Patrol officers conducted extra patrols but never observed the subject in the park. I had Officer M. Rodriguez go out to the residence at 529 N. Reservoir this month and he spoke with a subject who admitted taking his dogs off leash to the park during the nighttime. Officer Rodriguez explained he could not let his dogs run around unleashed at the park and the park closed at sunset. Rodriguez warned him that if he was caught allowing his dogs to run off-leash in the park he would be subject to a citation. This subject was very cooperative and stated he would stop doing this."

Please keep in touch with your Area Commander. Let her or him know of any concerns you have in your neck of the woods. She or he will get back to you with the relevant information. For those of us in the Northeast quadrant, Lt. Rilloraza is our guy. He can be reached at 909 802-7494 and

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  1. We got one of those 'off leash' walkers in our area now. They moved in about 3 years ago, you know, when anyone could by a house... This guy lets the dogs do their thing as he walks them leash-less early in the morning. Thanks for the heads up. I knew it wasn't legal.