Sunday, July 19, 2009

"I'm looking for Jonathan..."

Last night around 12:30 AM we heard footsteps on the rocks around the house. I said, "Hello?" A guy's voice called back, "I'm looking for Jonathan." I said, "Wrong address," listened as the guy then make short high-pitched whistles as he walked down the street.

Suspicious? We thought so, so we called dispatch. Cruisers arrived to the park within a minute or two and talked with someone in the park. I went to bed, hoping the meandering fella found either Jonathan or some common sense.

As the sign on the house says, we report all suspicious activity.


  1. Yesterday afternoon between 3, when my granddaughter got home from work and 7, when she went outside her car was stolen. It was on Palomares between Jefferson and Columbia. Maybe Jonathon took off in it.


  2. Judy,
    Would you be willing to tell us the make/model/year?

  3. Ed, Did Jonathan leave a car on your street? ;)

    Judy, I'm sorry to hear your granddaughter's car was stolen. How was the police response? For what it is worth, I'm impressed by the number of vehicles Pomona PD and the surroundng PDs recover each month. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your granddaughter's car is among the count for July!


  4. LOL Just curious if it was a newer car. It's a little irritating to realize that a car might be stolen at the end of the block and yet residents are totally in the dark. Do the block captains usually send this information out?

  5. The communication lines really are tricky. Some block captains send out information about neighborhood incidents when they know about them. But, this isn't in the "job description" of being a block captain or anything like that.

    If we can get more info, let's post it to the blog to help get the word out.