Monday, June 22, 2009

Lincoln Park Area news

Sorry, I was a little slow in posting this. This warning from one of the LP block captains went out last week.

Last night and this morning I received two separate reports of folks “hanging out” in our neighborhood. I, myself, have also seen an increase in foot traffic of folks that do not appear to live in the area – not the normal walkers we see on a daily basis, perhaps checking things out?

In one instance, two of our neighbors were taking a walk and saw one fellow looking (“suspiciously”) down the alley at Columbia and Palomares, then, they came across a white ford truck with no windows that took off suddenly when our neighbors approached and said hello. The police were called and responded immediately, ready to investigate. No further information.

In the other instance, on the 300 block of Lincoln, a couple of fellows were walking back and forth between a few of the houses and leaning on automobiles. One neighbor went outside to check them out, and they left.

Please remember to be present, be vigilant and watch your home and the homes of your neighbors. Call the police if you feel there is any suspicious activity. Also, please report any incidences through your NW block captain so we can all remain tied-in and alert.


  1. If I have news of suspicious activity in southwest Pomona that I have reported can I send it to you and would you post it?

  2. Andurhrew, Absolutely! Send along your reports. Or, better yet, feel free to post them. I set you up as an approved blogger, so now you should be able to contribute your insights whenever you wish.

    Things have been pretty quiet over here in Garfield Park.

  3. By the way, anyone else who would like to author posts for the blog can send me an e-mail requesting that I set the permissions accordingly.