Friday, June 5, 2009

According to the crime map...

Every so often I stop by the crime maps maintained by the city. Usually, the maps show visualization of the past seven days of crime in the city. However, according to the crime map, there's been absolutely zero crime in the city over the past seven days.

Sure, I'd like to believe this is the case. But for some reason I suspect the absence of snazzy little icons representing everything from graffiti to homicides has more to do with process rather than data.

Does anyone know where the data are? Or, shall we start paying tribute to the goddess who oversees our fair city for bringing a wave of calm? How long has the map been down? Or I am just map-challenged and can't figure out how to work the darn thing? (Admittedly, the interface has changed a couple times and it isn't the easiest tool to use -- availability of data does not equate to accessibility of data in this case.)


  1. It's not just you; I can't generate anything either. Tried both Explorer and Firefox.

    On my wish list would be an excel doc each couple of days with this information. Just post the raw info on the website and let us play with it. The PD could consider us cyber citizen cops (the CCC).

  2. Well, I heard the chopper last night quite a few times throughout the evening and night, so they probably made up for the downtime.

  3. I jotted a note to the City of Pomona GIS guru. He thanked me for bringing the issue to his attention, said he'll work to remedy the situation, and will contact me with an update when the site is up and rolling again. I'll keep you all posted.

  4. Thanks to the efforts of the GIS guru, the crime map is up and running again. If anyone notices the map down again, drop a line to the contact listed on the page.