Friday, February 20, 2009

Issues to Discuss at March 10 SARA Meeting

The next SARA meeting is Tuesday, March 10 at 7PM in Council Chambers. During the February meeting, the PD made clear it would like to figure out an efficient mechanism for alerting the SARA meeting organizers about citizen concerns prior to the SARA meetings. Having a heads-up about questions or issues will allow the PD time to look into the concerns and respond in the meeting.

To this end, all are invited to post concerns/questions to this blog thread. I'll send any concerns/questions posted by March 3 to Brian Haggerty. (A one-week lead time will provide time to look into specific issues.) Be as specific as you can so the PD can likewise respond with specificity.

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  1. Where do we go to find press releases about Pomona? In particular, I'd like to know where to find press releases about crime in Pomona. (The few press releases available on the city's home page are obviously cherry picked to show Pomona in its best light -- I'm looking for the rest of the story.)