Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Your Ideas Needed: Special Topics for NW Meetings

I'd like to generate a list of special topics NW groups might wish to engage during monthly meetings (in addition to the always-present "what are we worried about right now"). Here are some initial brainstorms -- would love to hear others.

* Emergency preparedness
* Child safety
* Using neighborhood curb appeal to increase likelihood of selling foreclosure properties

What topics have other NW groups engaged? What kinds of things do you think people might be interested in learning and talking about?


  1. Structural safety in the home. Also, try seeing what the profession of people in your groups are. You may very well have a handyman in the circle that could use a couple extra bucks and you may need someone to install that new phone jack. We may not be a part of the Park any more, but the non-frat house boys wish you luck!

  2. Here's a weird one, crosswalks.

    I'm fixated on the interaction between motor vehicles and pedestrian/bicycles. It's really a quality-of-life issue. We have limited control of demographics, enticing new businesses, or the dwindling pool of state money, so if we can improve livability cheaply, maybe that's an easy place to start.