Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hurrah for the Area Commander Meeting!

This evening's Area Commander meeting, in addition to being well-attended, was highly informative, well-organized, and snack-laden (woot!). In full disclosure, I was only able to attend the first 40 minutes of the minute.

First, Daniel Mayfield, president of WeTip, an information collection tool that feeds anonymous information about crimes to police departments, provided a great overview of how WeTip works and why we should all use it. I was surprised to learn they've figured out a way to provide cash rewards anonymously to people who provide useful information about crimes. I think I shall dust off my trusty binoculars.

(If I'm able to get access to the slides from Daniel's talk, I will post them--pending his permission, of course.)

Second, a representative from Pomona's Community Development Department talked about the annual Community Needs Survey. Some of you may recall my February 2010 rant about a train-wreck-of-a-presentation on this very topic.

Well, in hopes of celebrating the positives in addition to highlighting some negatives about our city, I'd like to go on record to say this year's presentation was very solid. The presenter provided needed background about the federal "entitlement funds" and explained how simple it is for each of us to have a say in how these funds are spent in Pomona. If you haven't yet submitted your Community Needs Survey in the mail, please do so soon. Or, you can complete the online version here.

I have no idea what happened next given I had to take off. If anyone can fill in some of the details, kindly do so.

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