Thursday, December 16, 2010

Area Commander Meeting: Northwest

The Pomona Police Department invites residents to attend the next Area Commander Meeting. The meeting for the month of January will cover the Northwest area of the city, however, ALL residents are encouraged to attend.

The meeting will be on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 at First Baptist Church located at 521 N. Garey Ave. between 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Come and see what is going on in your city and meet your Area Commander.


  1. I dont know if this is were i start, But if the right person reads this maybe they would forward my concern in the right direction. I am a resident of over 40 years and i have a few concerns. I live in the 100 block of west Alvarado street i have two sons a 4 yr old & a 16 year old developmental disabled. Our car has been broke down for awhile now where my 16 year old son has to take the bus to school pomona high. As my son waits for the bus and elementray kids head to school lincoln elementray. There is a METHADONE CLINIC on the north east side of garey ave were creepy prostitues and drugies hang out front of the building were children going to school pass them and the kids sit and wait for the buss just 15 steps from this methadone clinic. The dirt bags of pomona hang out in front of this building for 4 am untill it opens and get thier drug fix.from what i understand if drug dealers are cought selling drugs 100 yards from a school they will be aressted and acounted for every child at the school, well the methadone dealers are 100 yards of a school selling their drugs are they going to be aressted & held accounteda for the kids. With this building it causes the drugies to hangout in this area using stater brothers market to recycle and after they recycle the use the gas stations phones to call and wait for thier drug dealers so the drugies stay at the auto lodge motel, along with all the prostitues. Its one big nasty cycle. The whole point im gettingt to is this north/east and north/west side of alvarado and garey is getting very unsafe for our children. With all the weird creepy drugies, prostitues that bring creepy men in from other cities, its just a rape, kiddnapping, or a killing just waiting to happen. The city needs to close down or monitor THE Auto Lodge
    Motel on the corner of garey ave and alvardo closely for the drug dealing and prostitution. Take out all pay phones at the gas station on the corner of garey and alvarado, were all the drugies and prostitues make their call to their dealers and wait for their drugs and the city needs to remove the recycling cent in back of stater brothers market on the north west side of alvarado street were all the homeless drugies and lowlife scrappers go to get their money to buy the drugs. And most of all REMOVE THIS METHADONE CLINIC. With all said this is what our children walk pass on a daily baises. BIG CONCERN! I WOULD THINK! to keep our kids safe!!!!!!!!!! TRUE FACT I HAVE WITNESS THESE ACTIONS FOR YEARS!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Anon. Your concern and commitment ring clear. I will forward your post to the PD's Crime Prevention Unit. In addition:

    1. Call, call, call. Put dispatch on your speed dial and call whenever you see any of this suspicious activity. The non-emergency number is 909-622-1241.

    2. Please try to attend next week's Area Commander meeting (details above). This is an awesome opportunity to meet THE commander charged with directing police activity in your area of the city.

    3. If you're not already involved with a Neighborhood Watch group, consider linking up with one. I know there's one in Lincoln Park, and another near Towne and Pasadena.

    Thank you for all you do to improve our community. Seriously, every single person who gets fed up and gets involved steers us in the right direction.

  3. Oops, I neglected to say who to contact to find a Neighborhood Watch group near year. Call the Crime Prevention Unit. I'm not sure who the Community Service Officer is for your area, but any one of them can put you in touch with the right person. Call 909-620-2318.