Monday, November 8, 2010

Child Safety Seat Education

Parents and care takers are invited to contact Pomona PD's Traffic Bureau to schedule a child safety seat inspection. To schedule an appointment, or for information about the program or child safety seats, call Officer Childers at 909-802-7743 or Officer Hamilton at 909-802-7744.

Trained technicians will meet with you to inspect the installation of the seat and the fit of the child in the seat, and to complete a check of the car seat for overall safety (including checking to see if there have been any recalls issued for the car seat).

What an important and needed service! Thank you, Traffic Bureau!

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  1. Wow! I met with Officer Childers yesterday for a car seat inspection. He worked with me for about 40 minutes!! Although our car seat was installed OK, he recommended a modification to make it even more safe. We went over everything from what the baby shouldn't wear while in the car seat (thick clothing), to how snug the straps should be, to the dangers posed by "stuff" that could hit the baby in the event of an accident, etc. He was amazingly thorough and helpful. I learned a great deal. I HIGHLY recommend this free service.