Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Who let the dogs out?

Garfield Park sees more than its fair share of unleashed dogs. This past week proved no exception.

Last Wednesday: A flea-infested pooch befriended a passerby, who took the dog for a bath, then checked her in to a no-kill shelter. Although this doggie had a collar and a leash, there was no human attached to the leash.

Last Saturday: Two dogs attacked a beautiful Akita accompanying a young teen on a morning run around the park. The attacker dogs ran from their owner after he let them out of his car to go pee. No leashes.

Today: During the height of late afternoon park activity, a dog that looked to be a rottweiler/lab mix walked about the park. Parents corralled kids as all kept an eye on the dog's whereabouts and disposition. He had on a collar, but no leash. Come to find out, his owner was shooting hoops. When I asked him to please put a leash on the dog, the guy shrugged me off.

Grrrr (said with mean doggie inflections, of course).

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  1. I need to go out there and regulate for ya Pride. We have alot of new people/new dogs around this area and Im out there letting them know about this type of situation. I've seen some new residents going out with their dogs with NO leash a few times. I walked up to them and talked to them, saw them a week later and sure enough they had them on leashes. Of course, Im 6' 4" and they were under 5'7", perhaps I was a bit intimidating. Of course, I used all my manners, in fact, when they see me they wave now. LOL

    It's amazing that during bad times, when people can barely eat, they go out and get dogs who they dont care properly for. It's just silly.

  2. We have dogs come into the library sometimes. We had one just last week that I managed to catch and take outside. Last I saw he was headed to city hall.

  3. Skrip, you totally need to come be the heavy for the library and Garfield Park!