Monday, February 8, 2010

Good time had by all

The block party to celebrate the new playground in Garfield Park was quite the success. We devoured 90 cup cakes, waded through 3 gallons of lemonade and 1 gallon of milk, colored an impressive number of Valentines, and tried out all the cool playground equipment.

I wish I had thought to count the number of kids and parents in attendance. I'm guessing there were 50 kids and 15 - 20 adults.

In addition to celebrating the playground, neighbors brainstormed ideas for the new community center the city is developing on Mountain View. The community center was made possible by a "Weed and Seed" grant the city received from the Department of Justice.

Ideas shared by the kids include a lending library, places for crafts, board games, and science projects, and homework support. Ideas shared by the parents include health and nutrition sessions, parent support groups, computer classes, and ESL classes.

No doubt our next block party will celebrate the grand opening of the community center, hopefully before schools lets out for the summer recess.

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