Thursday, December 31, 2009

Status update: "This week would be a good time to break into our home..."

Like oh-so many others, I'm a Facebook user; some would call me an addict. Inspired by Facebook status updates and wall posts viewed over the winter holiday season, I find myself reflecting on the intersections between Facebook and crime-prevention.

Status Update #1. "Leaving tomorrow for our two-week cruise! So glad the whole family will get to spend time together. Woot!" Sure, I know we are supposedly posting for our "friends" on Facebook, but really, how well do you know your 592 friends? Perhaps I'm just paranoid, but I don't think it is a good idea to proclaim: "This week would be a good time to break into our home because we'll all be away!"

Status Update #2. "Locked myself out of my house and can't find that stupid rock with the key in it -- guess it really does a good job of camouflage! LOL" Um, thanks for letting us all know you do, in fact, have a key to your home hidden somewhere in your yard. That information might come in handy next time my hooligan teen -- who sometimes reads my FB page over my shoulder -- decides he needs some haul to take to the local pawn shop. [Side bar: Does anyone else find the image of the celebrating thug in the window of AJ's Super Fast Cash Pawn disheartening? Is this really the constituency AJ hopes to nurture?]

Wall Post #1. "Hi Suzy! Can you please send me a copy of the wedding announcement? My address is [insert details here]." TMI! This post came compliments of a 60-something relative. I wish she had used the "Send message to" option to keep her information a bit more private. Then again, this is the same relative who posted a snarky message about her son's ex-wife as a comment on her own wall -- evidently forgetting the ex-wife is a FB "friend"!

Go forth and use your social networking tools responsibly!

* May 2010 be filled with community *

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