Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Parade of prostitutes

Are others noticing an increase in prostitution along Holt?

Late last week on my way home from work, as I drove along Holt from Indian Hill to Reservoir, I counted four prostitutes and one john (I'm guessing there were other johns, but I only saw one pulled over so a gal could jump into his HUMMER). Granted, late afternoons are a peak time for prostitution activity, but...c'mon...we're talking less than three quarters of a mile. That's a lot of for-pay-bootie.

Yesterday, around lunch time a gal was meandering along the south border of Garfield Park checking out cars and approaching those that pulled over to "ask for directions." Geez.

What gives? Perhaps the Montclair PD just upped its policing of prostitution east of Mills along Holt, inviting the "vendors" to shift even more into Pomona's jurisdiction?

I hate that our community is blighted by crime; I especially hate that this stretch of Holt is blighted by such visible crime (afterall, vendors in this business can't make much of a profit if folks don't know they're selling). From what I understand, neither prostitutes nor johns tend to live in Pomona, yet our tax dollars go toward policing and prosecuting the crimes. Argh.

If you see any hooking along Holt, please call dispatch.

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  1. Well, haven't driven much down Holt lately, but on Indian Hill at the Greyhound Stop I've noticed alot of prostitutes wandering around the Chevron gas station and walking down Indian Hill towards Holt. Perhaps they've made this their new 'dropoff' area. The activity started this year and seems to have increased now.

    I wasn't aware that you could call dispatch if you see them.

    And I've seen the hummer you talk about on Holt as well as the gas station I mention... hmmm.