Wednesday, September 16, 2009


As I attempted to fall asleep last night, I found my mind preoccupied with thoughts of the recent shootings, wondering how the community will respond, wondering whether they were gang related.

My chain of thought went something like this: Why haven't we heard any updates from PD concerning the shooting. What if they are gang related. Hmm. Wasn't there going to be a community meeting about Pomona gang activity? Oh no! That meeting was tonight! Oh no! I missed it. Oh no, I missed my chance to hear from the PD about these issues.

Sad but true -- last night's Area Commander meeting, which I totally forgot about and obviously did not attend, focused on Pomona Gangs. Any chance anyone who was there reads this blog and would be willing to pen a guest post?

I'm chalking this one up to "Not yet into the swing of a new semester." As a reminder, the next police-community meeting is slated for Tuesday, October 13, 7PM, Council Chambers. Topic: Fraud.

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