Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Do you live South of Holt and West of Garey?

The August Area Commander meeting is slated for Tuesday, August 11 at 7PM in Council Chambers. This meeting is open to all Pomona residents, regardless of address, but will focus on issues in the Southwest quadrant of our fair city (previously defined as South of Holt and West of Garey, though the current flier indicates Mission serves as the N/S divider; hmmmmmm).

Lt. Hitt will facilitate the meeting. To the extent you are able, please let him know ahead of time what questions or issues are on your mind. Doing so will allow him to look into your concerns before the meeting so that he can provide concrete answers at the meeting. You can reach Lt. Hitt at 909-802-7495 and areacommander_southwest@ci.pomona.ca.us

Now for a personal plea. When raising concerns, please be as specific as possible. Having sat in on about six of these meetings, I'm stunned by how often people say things like, "There's this weird corner in our neighborhood where people just hang out. Have the police talked to these folks? What's that about?" Often speakers don't provide addresses, times, etc. It seems to me totally unreasonable to expect the police to be able to respond to such vague concerns. So, for the sake of our city, please bring to the table as many details as you can.

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