Friday, May 15, 2009

PD Budget Cuts

Below is an excerpt from a story by Monica Rodriguez, which appears in Thursday's Contra Costa Times. I'm curious to know how the grounding of the Pomona PD's helicopters will impact the PD's ability to police the city.

Take a look at the full story for a list of other cuts (including library cuts). The story reminds us, yet again, of the importance of buying from local businesses when possible -- sales-tax revenues matter.

[Begin quoted text]

Police: The Police Department will take one of the biggest hits in terms of personnel reductions. It will need to eliminate a total of 34 positions, 16 of which are non-sworn and 18 sworn. The 18 positions are vacant spots that will remain unfunded, but could be filled if economic conditions improve, Chamberlain said.

Among the sworn positions cut are an assistant chief post and a lieutenant in charge of internal affairs. The responsibilities would be shifted to the chief of police.

A number of the non-sworn positions have made it possible for sworn personnel to concentrate on policing activities, and losing those positions will require officers to pick up some of those tasks and give others to remaining civilian personnel, acting Police Chief Dave Keetle said.

Efforts are under way to sell the older of the department's two helicopters.

A newer air craft, which was purchased last year, would be grounded to save money, Keetle said.

Another option would be to reduce costs by having the city become part of a regional program designed to provide police helicopter services to various departments, he said.

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  1. I can say one thing, that helicopter is LOUD especially at night when i'm trying to sleep. there have been numerous nights where it has kept me up. Every night I did however appreciate what it was doing. I think the city is designed well enough and along a simple enough grid where if needing to chase a suspect a helicopter is not really needed. That also means the suspect has a longer way to run before running into a dead end or being cornered.

  2. All I can say is that the Police Helicopter helps the Patrol officers and citizens alike. The unique airborne platform gives the officers on the ground a heads up for hazards and does most of the searches for dangerous suspects, foot pursuits and vehicle pursuits. If they ground that helicopter, I fear that lives will be lost and I pray that no one gets hurt. Just think, No eye in the sky, who is going to help look? I know, not you! I feel for the Officers that will have another valuable asset taken from them. Pomona needs all the help they can get. It looks like to me they are trying to keep Pomona "ghetto" and this will keep driving business out of the city. The City needs to take a long look at itself, and realize that they need Police and the helicopter too. Whats next Pomona? Are you gonna take away the k-9 cops too, how about the motorcycle cops? Gee, I think people are going to die because Pomona can't save money or spend it wisely.

  3. Maybe the fact that you can't sleep most nights due to the Helicopter is because you enjoy the sound of safety hoving overhead, whats going to be worse, the sounds of badguys trying to break into your house? Or knowing that trained cops are in the helicopter, with one thing on their minds.. your safety and ability to live in safety and peace. I bet it is loud in Iraq too. Once they get rid of the helicopter and other cops, they will never be back. So sleep well, knowing that you complained about the sound of safety and commitment to the community they love. Or maybe you have a better idea? Why dont you pick up a badge and gun and protect the city. Maybe that way, the cops that are protecting you can take a break and sleep well. I love the city of Pomona, I just hate how the city is taking away things from the people who are trying to protect it. Would you ask a Marine to not wear his helmet in combat cause the government needs to save money? Just food for thought. I will continue to pray for the city and maybe God will intervene and save everyone.